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Christian Involement

One of the biggest complications that has arisen out of modern Christianity is the belief that ministry is reserved for those that make it their full time vocation.

Any follower of Jesus Christ is called and commanded to spread the Gospel message in their personal lives. Often, a believer's growth can become stunted if they do not begin moving towards allowing the Holy Spirit to lead them to minister to others in their daily life.

Our example is Christ and He said "I have come to seek and save the lost." Though not everyone can devote all of their time and make it a career out of preaching the Gospel, God wants us to be available to be used by Him at any time of His choosing.

As a ministry, one of the major thrusts behind our goals and vision is to see everyday normal believers beginning to step out in their lives to boldly preach the Gospel and allow the Holy Spirit to use them.

As a ministry, we equip believers to share the Gospel through evangelism training and discipleship. We also encourage believers to start home bible studies where they can invite their friends and those that they meet to become involved.

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