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Reach Every Home For Christ

We as a ministry have a long term goal of having every home in Tucson reached by a local Bible-based church within their communities and neighborhoods by 2020.


Door to door evangelism done properly by local Christians can local churches can establish relationships and opportunities for ministry within the community that could not take place otherwise. The sad reality of most churches is that unchurched residents in the near vicinity of those churches have never been reached by them. It is not uncommon for unchurched people to be completely unaware that there is a church near them. This should not be the case.


By training and equipping local churches to reach their immediate neighborhoods, the local Church will fulfill its call to be "the local  Church."

We seek to partner with any Bible based Christian church or ministry that wants to help reach Tucson for Jesus Christ. If cults and false religions can have active outreach campaigns within neighborhoods, there is no good reason why the genuine Body of Christ cannot do the same. If campaigns can engage every home. classify their interest in particular political policies, etc., there is no reason why the Body of Christ cannot take reaching every home seriously.


One life changed can change a family. A family changed can change a neighborhood. A neighborhood changed can change a community. A community changed can change a city.

This is totally dependent upon one thing, Christians within the city beginning to actively, frequently, and unashamedly sharing the Gospel.

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