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To Reach Tucson For Christ

Tucson, AZ is one of the largest un-churched cities in the nation. There is a desperate need for evangelism. In recent decades, much of the outreach strategy of many churches in our nation has been to try to impact the community by having people come into church. The day and age we are living in requires that believers  go out into the community. Our mission is to reach all of Tucson with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

One primary way that this will happen is through clear Gospel centered evangelism

Spark An Evangelism Movement Within Tucson

The Great Commission is a command to share the Gospel. Recent surveys show that personal evangelism is in a major state of decline here in the Unite States. That means less people are sharing with others about Jesus Christ. The Answer to our social, political, and cultural issues is found in individuals coming in touch with Jesus Christ.  We seek to create an evangelism movement that raises up normal everyday Christians to preach the Gospel in their day to day lives.

Help Churches Strategize Effective Ways To Bring The Gospel To The Community

We seek to partner with any Christian churches or ministries that want to better impact their communities with the Gospel. It is hard to have a vision of how to reach a community evangelistically. We want to help. We believe that "faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God" (Rom 10:17). We want to see transformation in individuals, families, and communities. The clear and unashamed message of repentance and faith in Jesus Christ can bring that change. Romans 1:16 makes this clear: "The Gospel is the Power of God unto salvation."

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Tucson Evangelistic League (TEL short for "Tell") is an initiative of Kingdom Enterprises. The purpose of TEL is to help spark local evangelism within the body of Christ. The ultimate goal is to "win Tucson for Christ" and to help enable and equip the local church bodies within Tucson to reach their communities with an evangelistic Gospel centered message.


Romans 1:16 says that "the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation." The Gospel is what will transform Tucson, AZ. In order for the Gospel to be preached to those who need to hear it, it requires Christians taking the Gospel outside the walls of the Church.


We want to be a catalyst for Christ-centered, Biblically sound, Spirit-empowered evangelism to overtake Tucson, AZ so that many lives may encounter the transformation and salvation that only Jesus Christ can bring.


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